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Welcome to
Wahib's Middle East Restaurant


All Plates Served with Fresh Pita Bread, Pickles and Olives
Carry Out Dinner
Balila $5.99$5.99

Foul Moudamas (Fava Bean Salad) $5.99$5.99

3 Eggs (Scrambled) $3.99$3.99

Eggs with Fresh Tomatoes $3.99$3.99

Eggs with Ground Beef $8.99$8.99

Lamb Liver (Raw or Sauteed) $10.99$10.99

Eggs with Beef Kebab $8.99$8.99

Eggs with Chicken Kebab $8.99$8.99

Armenian Sausage with Eggs $9.99$9.99

Sabaha $5.99$5.99

Fattah with Yogurt or Tahini $9.99$9.99

Labneh Plate $5.99$5.99

Falafel Plate $6.99$6.99

Pie (Meat or Spinach or Thyme) each $0.99$0.99

Combination Breakfast for One....(9-12) $9.99$9.99

Combination Breakfast for Two....(9-12) $16.99$16.99

1 Skw. of Beef or Lamb with Rice $4.95$0.00